July 17, 2006

The Happies RULE!

I've got to say, for the sake of saying it, that this weekend was the first time I resented not having a working computer at home. Why is that? Because I simply could not WAIT to tell you about The Happies a rather young band of four brothers and a friend, who make some of the catchiest, prettiest music I've heard in a long, long time. How best to describe their music on their second record, If We Were Really Here? How's about this: The Association meets Weezer, with a hint of the Beach Boys? The kicker is that I'm reminded a bit of Jawbreaker, too. I know that invoking three of those bands is the epitome of lazy journalistic writing, but it's impossible to avoid the comparison. But what makes this band really, truly special is the harmonies. It's impossible for me to resist the sweet, sweet harmonies that you can find on this second album. I'm won over by the crunchier songs like "Everything's Fine, Cover Your Eyes" and "Learn How To Pray," but I stick around for the sunshine pop of "Sun Don't Shine" and "Newspaper Friend." Then there are pretty, softer moments like "Paw Paw," "Geraldine," and "Polarity." Oh, and to make it even more of a Mr. Joseph Dream Band, there's a small string section. The one complaint I have is that the recording at times seems to be a bit rough, and the songs don't quite shine like they should, but I have a feeling that that's more of a budget thing than a quality of the band thing. What am I saying? This band is awesome, even if they record in a crappy studio. If I could go back in time, I'd totally change my top-twenty list from last year, and these guys would be on the top.

Shocker number two: the band's first album (which is available in its entirety for free at their website) is BETTER THAN THIS RECORD, which is a near-impossible feat, as If We Were Really Here is a perfect record. That it came out last year and I just now listened to it, I hope one day to be forgiven for.

But I'll shut up and let you listen for yourself:

Sun Don't Shine (from their album If We Were Really Here)
Hey Little Buttercup! (from their debut album Meet The Happies)
The Boy Who Knows (from their debut album Meet The Happies)

Also, check out their Myspace page for four other songs from If We Were Really Here. Go and buy this record from their label, Eden's Watchtower! You won't regret it!!!!

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