July 03, 2006

Don Peris "Go When The Morning Shineth"

Go When the Morning Shineth is the second solo album by The Innocence Mission's guitarist and vocalist, Don Peris. For someone whose reputation has been built on making sad, melancholy folk-rock, the music found here isn't that surprising; considering his pedigree, it's a bit more remarkable that the record is almost entirely instrumental. At times, the record cris-crosses between an acoustic guitar record and a moodier, atmospheric record, but the two styles come together quite well. Imagine, if you will, the sound of riding up Highway 101 in a convertible on Labor Day. That's the best description for the beautiful music found here; mellow, pretty, and scenic. Songs like "Delaware" and "Flyer" are warm and hazy and a little lackadaisical, while songs like "Day Trip" and "Jubilee" are catchy, upbeat numbers that will leave you humming—if, of course, you are inclined to hum along with instrumental numbers that wouldn't sound out of place in a lovely seaside bistro.

Listen To: "Day Trip"

Label Website: http://www.jemezmountain.com


r said...

Wait, I just find this site that you have had for five years, and you have reviewed so many artists that I really enjoy, and nothing since July?

Please. More.

Joseph Kyle said...

What? We've reviewed a lot of music since July.