April 15, 2004

The Legends "There and Back Again"

This Legends band makes me smile, and mainly because they're doing everything wrong. They're not playing the Stones riffs. They're not trying to be the roughest, rawest garage-rock band from Sweden. They're not trying to bring the Sixties back into style. They're also not trying to be a big, glammy rock band, either. Instead, they're just writing lovely pop songs that have hints of 'retro' but are clearly modern. This little four-song single is a great and surprisingly powerful little collection of rock-pop songs. Sure, they have hard rock skills, such as seen on "There and Back Again" and they've got pop skills too, as "Thanks for Nothing" and "Wish Me Gone" clearly demonstrate, but they're not trying to be anything but a great pop band. They remind me of both The Soundtrack of Our Lives and the Razorcuts, which might sound like an odd pairing in print, but their songwriting clearly falls reaches both levels. If you like handclaps, harmonies, jangly guitar rhythms and bass to make your booty move, then There and Back Again will satisfy you, and will make you want more. I know that I do...

--Joseph Kyle

Label Website: http://www.labrador.se

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