April 21, 2004

The Murdocks "The Murdocks"

This record got overlooked in the olde review pile (sorry, guys) and I'm damn sorry it did, because this is an excellent record. This Austin band makes good old Rock 'n' Roll music, and lead singer Franklin Morris has one of those voices that sounds like about five different singers at once (many reviewers say Billie Joe, and I'm not gonna disagree with that), but his distinctive voice (and it IS distinctive) is totally, utterly killer. It's the bait, it's the hook, it's the whole damn thing. The music's straightforward rock, but there's a darker side to these guys, even if I can't seem to figure what it is. "Death of a French Whore" kicks off this little 4-song EP and it's a driving, pounding rocker. "My Scarlet Purpose" is a bit slower and a bit darker, but it's still awesome. Same with "Dance the Vomit Shakes." The only song that didn't knock me off my ass is the actual metal number, "Maidenhead." The Murdocks are hard yet poppy, tough yet melodic, and this record is TOO DAMN SHORT for me--I want more! These guys have the potential to be utterly awesome--here's hoping!

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.the-murdocks.com
Label Website: http://www.surprisetruck.com

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