April 13, 2004

Greg parker "On the Break"

If I had to sum up Greg Parker's debut EP On The Break in one word or less, it would be sincere. Parker's twangy country twang makes it quite clear that he grew up on good ole Country & Western, but he's not retro. He's got a style that will remind you why Dwight Yoakam's early records are really undervalued by today's 'hip' scene. Throw in a little bit o' Hank Senior, and you'll pretty much have an understanding of where he's coming from. The songs are mellow but not lazy, his voice is twangy but not annoying, and his band is swinging. "Get In Line Caroline" and "A Heart Is A Terrible Thing To Break" are really good slower dance numbers, too. He's got a strong yet sensitive singing voice, which makes these sad-eyed songs even better. When he rocks out on "Disaster Waiting to Happen" and "Kathleen," he's fabulous, and he proves his music isn't caught in some retro country act. On The Break is just a fun country gem from a talent who will most likely deliver a really great debut album, but as it stands, this EP is a really great record on its own, which makes me think that the debut album's gonna be a cinch--and probably a hit!

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.itsgregparker.com

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