April 23, 2004

Rainer Maria "Anyone In Love With You (Already Knows)"

Rainer Maria have certainly been the subject of much hype. You know, with that whole 'emo' thing that was popular, it's natural that a great band like this would win over the critics and fans. Hearing "Ears Ring" in the mall and the local Best Buy was a bit of a shock too, but hey, that's what the media pundits wanted to hype. Anyone In Love With You (Already Knows) is not a new album; it's a 2-CD set meant to display the band as a potent live band. Get the meaning behind the title? Yeah, I thought it was funny and appropriate, too, especially for a live album. The first disc is an excellently recorded live show from last year, playing at the Cat's Cradle in Carrboro, North Carolina. The band's in full force, riding high on their then-new album, Long Knives Drawn. There's also a collection of photos and the video to "Ears Ring."

The second disc, entitled Live Recordings, is not a full set, but a collection of live cuts from over the past three years. My personal favorites of this set are "Long Knives" and "Spit & Fire," though I'm sure fans will have their own favorites. Anyone In Love With You (Already Knows) is nothing more and nothing less than a nice appetizer for Rainer Maria fans who are eagerly awaiting their next full-length, and yeah, it proves they're an awesome live band, too!

--Joseph Kyle

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