April 08, 2004

Sounds Like Violence "The Pistol"

mundanesounds: dude
mundanesounds: check out this band and tell me what you think
mundanesounds: http://www.deepelm.com/sum/429_sum.html
SeanP: this Sounds Like Violence song is AWESOME
mundanesounds: the entire EP is rad.
SeanP: i shouldn't like it because the vocals are so RAARRGHRAH!!! but it works for some strange reason
mundanesounds: could it be the guy's swedish and singing english with a really funky accent?
SeanP: i am brainDIIIEEEEEAD because you shot me INTHAHIIIEEEEEAD!!!!
mundanesounds: isn't it brilliant?
SeanP: yeah!
mundanesounds: i'm tellin' ya man, deep elm's successfuly shakin' that 'emo' tag
mundanesounds: this record is so not emo
mundanesounds: now i know why i like the singing!
mundanesounds: the guy sounds like the lead singer from mclusky!
SeanP: this band probably RULES live
mundanesounds: i bet they go all insane live
SeanP: the guy sounds like the lead singer from mclusky in the middle of a seizure!
mundanesounds: which is saying a LOT!
SeanP: this guy is off the chain
mundanesounds: check out 'afasi'
mundanesounds: if the pixies reunion sucks, these guys will take the crown
SeanP: if the pixies reunion sucks, though, WATCH OUT!
mundanesounds: it will suck.
SeanP: why do you think so?
mundanesounds: because.
mundanesounds: they're aware of their legend.
mundanesounds: they're no longer 'just' a band.
mundanesounds: sounds like violence are a legend waiting to happen
mundanesounds: and they're relevent, not living off of past glories
SeanP: 'afasi' is AWESOME
mundanesounds: it's like six minutes of epic.
mundanesounds: did the clip have the choir?
SeanP: no, just the first minute of the song
mundanesounds: well around the four minute mark a 'choir' comes in and then for the last two minutes they just go apeshit.
mundanesounds: but they do it with the song slowly fading out..
mundanesounds: and dig "perfect" its all garage rock
mundanesounds: but garage rock with talent
SeanP: wow. i MUST buy this record.
mundanesounds: yes you must.
mundanesounds: it's like everything that the pixies, les savy fav and mclusky did right put into one convenient band
mundanesounds: but better.

Label Website: http://www.deepelm.com
Artist Website: http://www.soundslikeviolence.com

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