April 11, 2005

Von Iva "Von Iva"

Damn, these women rock, and they rock hard. Though bassist Elizabeth Davis was in the great 7 Year Bitch, this is not your mother’s riot-grrrl band. With a synth-driven beat that’s downright soulful, and some extremely powerful caterwauling from the sultry Jillian Iva, this is a great band that mixes new wave and hard rock in a quite refreshing way. I mean, when you listen to the powerhouse intro “Same Sad Song,” you’ll recognize that you’re dealing with a bad-ass. Iva and company don’t disappoint, as the six songs on this EP are all high-quality. “Showboat” and “Solid Gold” have a slamming rock beat that will make you realize that Von Iva are perhaps the first-and only-band to have realized the full potential of updating the Riot Grrrl style. This is an exciting debut record, and I’m breathlessly awaiting their next move. Von Iva shows that it’s gonna be good.

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.voniva.com/

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