April 04, 2005

Adrian Belew "Side One"

Adrian Belew’s a “musician’s musician,” meaning he’s respected by those who appreciate the technical side of musicianship whilst being ignored by the world at large. He’s best known for being a member of King Crimson and The Bears, as well as a long, varied and interesting career as a session guitarist and sideman. Side One is his first new album in several years, and if you didn’t know he had been around for decades, you’d think that he was a newcomer onto the funk-rock/jam band scene. Side One is pure art-rock. Though he does some mellower pieces, such as “Matchless Man” and “Under The Radar,” most of the record is devoted to Primus-style freakouts. Some of them are really good, such as “Madness” and “Writing On The Wall,” while others are…well, not so good. (It shouldn’t be a surprise that Belew did some recording with Primus’ Les Claypool, even though those songs don’t appear on here. They might appear on his next two albums, Side Two and Side Three.) This is…an interesting record. Not bad, but not overwhelmingly great…just ‘interesting.’

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.adrianbelew.net/Label Website: http://www.sanctuaryrecords.com/

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