April 13, 2005

Math & Physics Club "Weekends Away"

Now, out of the gate and a nominee for prettiest pop band of the year is Math & Physics Club! This Seattle-based quartet are a gentle lot, with a quiet sensibility that's quite smart, and they'll quickly cause your heart to smile. With a gentle shuffle and quiet drums and a lovely, subtle violin in the background, this young band is best described as sedate. It's a lot like a warm spring weekend with a newfound love, this. "Weekends Away" and "Love Again" are charmers, thanks in part to lead singer Charles Bert's coy voice. Their style's a little bit similar to the Ocean Blue, but with a more indie-pop edge. Dig the handclaps on "When We Get Famous," too! All four songs on this little record are smile-inducing toe-tappers, and I can't complain one bit about that--can't wait to hear more!

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.mathandphysicsclub.com
Label Website: http://www.indiepages.com/matinee

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