April 11, 2005

Milton & The Devil Party "What Is All This Sweet Work Worth?

Snotty power-pop is what this is. It’s not hard enough to be ‘punk’ and it’s too hard to be ‘pop’ and it’s too whimpy to be ‘rock,’ but for what they do, they do quite well. Their website calls them “a literary band with rock pretensions,” and that’s about as good a description as you’re going to get. Led by two English professors, they do write some rather smart lyrics; occasionally, they have a bit of a Cure vibe (as on “Not to Talk” and “Live Without Me,” but for the most part they make an enjoyable racket that’s reminiscent of the 1980s, but with no real distinctive imitation. Though occasionally the record has a tendency to be a bit monotonous, all in all it’s a great-sounding album by a band that probably is even more enjoyable live. PS. Dig the literary-minded band title!

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://miltonmusic.tripod.com

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