April 11, 2005

Crash Berlin "Crash Berlin"

Sometimes I get confused by electronic-minded records. Crash Berlin’s a record I’m not so much confused by as overwhelmed. Through the records thirteen songs, there are several common elements: hard, relentless beats, loud rhythms that are perhaps two seconds away from sexually harassing your soul and singing that’s a soulful siren-song that will lead you to your blissful destruction. Made by Dan Merlot, who’s apparently been involved with and shared the stage with Jane’s Addiction and Aphex Twin and is a veteran DJ in his own right, it’s obvious that Crash Berlin is the work of an expert. Ah, but when you tune in, you’ll be turned on by the vibe of fast songs like “Lady Luck,” “Touch Me Where I Bleed” and “Earth Basic,” and your mind will go into a lysergic state over “Assassination Raga” and “Reach Out To The Sun.” Oh, and Merlot’s got the genius Kool Keith on one track, “Movin’ The Hype Track.” If you like fast-paced techno and electronica, this is the thing for you.

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.crashberlin.com

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