April 05, 2005

Transient Tractor "Failure"

The first two tracks of the more-than-aptly-titled Failure, "False Ego" and "Hyper Wreck," were inconsequential, barely-OK indie-rock numbers with poorly recorded vocals and an even poorer attempt at humor. When I got to track three, "DJ Poopy Pants," which contains the opening line "I am DJ Poopy Pants/I make you shit and dance/I'll make you feel like you are rollin'/Get on with the swollen colon," I pressed the stop button, took the CD out of the player, smooshed it with up into a million pieces and threw it on the fire. This record is just so bad, I didn't even want to keep the jewel case. (The only reason I bothered writing a review is so that I can sleep at night knowing that I warned you about it.)

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.transienttractor.com

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