April 28, 2006

Function "The Secret Miracle Fountain"

Musical collectives seem to be quite big these days, but none comes close to being as big and as massive and as wonderful as Function. Call it an 'ensemble' or call it a 'collective' or call it whatever you want to call it, it doesn't change the fact that this band is massive. How massive, exactly? Well, there are at least a dozen players from all around the world participating on their Locust Music album, The Secret Miracle Fountain. They're based from all over the world, from Australia to London to California to God Knows Where, but when they come together musically, they create a sonic world all their own.

But you want to know what's bigger than the band and more undefinable as their lineup? Their music. Normally, sixteen tracks at nearly seventy-five minutes would be something to criticize, but Function makes good use of every second, and though each song is different from the one before it, that creative switching-around never weakens the record. Sometimes the music could be classified as "world," like the beautiful "The Broken Shamen" and "Hanalei (Alone With the Real Magic Dragon)." Sometimes, as on "Siani (Freedom Doesn't Care What I Do)," you'll think you're listening to folk. Then, on songs like "Shards" and "New Music Bowed Animals," you'll find yourself glossed by cool electronica sounds reminiscent of Eno or Aphex Twin. Then, when you hear "Beloved, Lost to Begin With" and "Unshaken (Positively Implacable)," you'll swear you're listening to the latest indie-rock band.

Get the point? Yeah. They're a complex band with a sound that shifts from song to song, but guess what? You'll have a hard time turning away, because their music is utterly beautiful. It's quite enchanting, this album. It's certainly a beautiful listening experience, and if this song whets your appetite, head over to their Myspace site. You'll be glad you did...

Listen To: "The Broken Shaman"

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