April 04, 2006

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One of the crappy things about music writing is sometimes you don't get a chance to hear a band's next record. I know that I get a lot of records, but sometimes bands who made great records never send me the follow-up. That's probably due in large part to shitty publicists who tend to neglect smaller, more loyal and more passionate publications in favor for their 'connections' at larger magazines. Honestly? For some bands, it doesn't really make anything better; in fact, it can often hurt, as big places neglect their record, while smaller places--those more likely to create a 'buzz' about a band because they actually LISTEN TO and LOVE a record--aren't given the time of day. Who gets screwed? THE BAND. Also, sometimes editors are overwhelmed with other things and sometimes...they just miss things. It's quite difficult to keep up with 35679027 different bands, so records sometimes slip through the crack...

So, for whatever reason, I didn't even know that there was a new Happy Bullets record until very recently. I can't say who's fault it is; the cynical side of me that would normally blame others for this seemingly defaults to the adult realization that it's entirely my fault. That it actually came out nearly a year ago or so is frustrating to learn! I really loved their debut album, and I'm pretty sure I'd love their new album, The Vice & Virtue Ministry, because the title song is just so...perfect. It's a pure indie-pop indulgence that I simply refuse to deny myself, and that they come from Dallas is even more surprising. I'm assuming their new record is good; this song is perfect, and that they've created one perfect pop moment is all that matters, right?

Ah well, maybe I'm a bit afraid to seek this record out, because this title song is simply too perfect, and I'm afraid that the rest of the record might not be as wonderful as this. Ah, but that's the risk of listening, isn't it? It's probably quite worth the risk. But hey, I'll shut up now, and let you listen. Enjoy!

Listen To: "The Vice & Virtue Ministry"

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