April 04, 2006

SXSW Report #36: Die! Die! Die! @ Lava Lounge

The final band I saw at this year's South by Southwest was a New Zealand punk trio called Die! Die! Die! Their modus operandi was pretty simple: hard drumming, distorted bass lines, minimal guitar parts and lots of shouting. They reminded me a bit of Mclusky at their angriest. What made them stand out from other bands of their ilk, though, was the guitarist’s sense of melody. He often stuck to the upper register of his guitar, playing chiming chords that felt like rays of sunlight penetrating through dark clouds. He placed his microphone in front of the stage so that he could sing and play directly in the faces of various audience members. During the last song he threw off his guitar, climbed up the brick wall with his microphone in tow, and sang the last verse outside of the venue. They definitely closed the festival on a high note. I’m pissed, though, that they didn’t have any CDs for sale. I am going to buy an imported version of their album as soon as I have the money to.

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Anonymous said...

Do you have anymore pictures from this show? Man it was a blast!