December 07, 2004

wrangler brutes 'zulu'

Wrangler Brutes is a 'supergroup' of sorts, with members of all sorts of bands like Universal Order of Armagedon, Monorchid, Born Against and other names you probably don't know outside of hipster circles and/or Punk Planet. When you open up the sleeve, you'll find the lyrics hand-written a la Aaron Cometbus, and if you're literary minded, you'll quickly be drawn in, because these lyrics are profound, intelligent and funny as all get-out. It's really a shame, then, that I had to ruin the experience by listening to the album that accompanies this little collection of literary rants.

Zulu is eighteen punk rock blasts in twenty minutes. That tells you much right there. It's hardcore punk rock by veterans of the scene, and for the most part, you can't understand the rather brilliant lyrical content. That's kind of a shame, because there are some rather hilarious moments on here, including "Driving," "Snooded" and "Unmentionables," and you might not really get the full brilliance of the proceeding by listening. Maybe Wrangler Brutes are simply trying to turn a generation of brain-dead punk rockers onto that thing we call reading? Perhaps. Funny and fun songs that sound better when you don't listen to the record...who knew?

--Joseph Kyle

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