December 13, 2004

The Playwrights "Guy Debord is Really Dead"

An indie-rock English band that sounds unapologetically English, with enough quirky quirks to be mistaken as influenced by American music? Who knew that such a thing would come out sounding so...good? Guy Debord Is Really Dead is a great three-song EP; there's no room for screwing around, they get to the point--and in your face--quite quickly. With a sound that seems to be a mixture of Jawbox and Pavement--which, for review purposes, covers the harder moments and The Fall moments quite nicely--and it's absolutely no surprise why the kids are getting excited about these guys. Intense, literate rock (that occasionally sounds a little too American for my taste, sorry) is found in the title track and "Bridge Burning Cooperative," but I really love "Knock Yourself Out," which finds the band supplementing their rock with a bit of a beat, and it sounds real...nice. A nice little taste of a great band, who are sure to (hopefully) dominate 2005.

--Joseph Kyle

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