December 09, 2004

pAper chAse/red worms farm

God Bless Your Black Heart by Dallas' pAper chAse was an unsurprising surprise masterpiece. Simply put, John Congleton is one of the most interesting minds in indie-rock; he's receiving the credit he deserves in the production world, and his hard work is starting to pay off. The Paper Chase Meet Red Worms Farm, a split with Italian band Red Worms Farm, is a fun little out-of-the-way extra for fans and newbies alike.

Obviously, with three tracks--two of which have already been released--there's not much room to make a bold statement. "I'm Your Doctor Now," which first appeared on a Kill Rock Stars compilation, is a typical Congleton screamer; "Isn't She Lovely" (which sadly isn't a cover!) is also another excellent relationship number. "Out Come The Knives" is mellow but no less psychologically damaged. Red Worms Farm is an interetsting band as well, though they seem to follow the Unrest formula a little too close; their songs are heavy on the instrumental moments, "Jelly Bean" appears twice, and the remix is much more interesting than the regular version. The bands mix quite well together, actually, and though this isn't the pAper chAse's strongest release, it's still quite enjoyable.

(There are two videos, for both "I'm Your Doctor Now" and "Pop Song," but I'm unable to watch them.)

--Joseph Kyle

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