December 02, 2004

Yowie "Cryptozoology"

Cartoon dinosaurs on the cover eating each other. Sadly, that's the most interesting thing about Yowie's Cryptozoology. As you'd expect from a Skin Graft release, the music inside is challenging, but the challenge here is to actually make it through this album's seven songs. Even though it's only a half hour in length, it feels longer than the four hours I spent in the dentist's chair recently--and it's probably more painful, too. All the song titles are names for women--with a focus on black women--with names that start with the letter T. As for the "music," it's a schizophrenic mess, as it sounds like three guys who want to show the world how badly they can play. Guess what? You guys win. To be fair, "Towanda" has a groove that grew on me. Then it ended. The sheer cheek of Cryptozoology is confounding and amusing. Three guys who make intentionally bad music just took a half-hour of my life. Ha Ha Ha!!! I admire your balls, they're probably smirking somewhere, and this review's done.

--Joseph Kyle

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