May 04, 2006

Televise "Songs to Sing in A & E"

Televise is a band formed by former Slowdive guitarist Simon Scott, and it sounds like a band that was formed by a former Slowdive guitarist. That doesn't mean that Scott and his crew are merely trying to be the second coming of Slowdive, but it does mean that the music on their debut album, Songs to Sing in A & E follows a distinctive pattern. That pattern is moody, atmospheric rock that is grand in scope, loud in the quiet parts, and quiet in the loud parts. It's Britpop-flavored; if you like Coldplay and Travis, Televise won't freak you out. IF you hate Coldplay and Travis, Televise will make you say "THIS IS WHAT COLDPLAY AND TRAVIS SHOULD SOUND LIKE!"

Though there are only nine songs on the album, the band doesn't waste a single moment. From the lovely, gorgeous melancholy of "Smile" and "Radiation Sound" to the upbeat "I Don't Know Why" to the amazingly powerful epic "Never Alone," Televise creates a dark, gray atmosphere, but they don't wallow in musical self-pity or melancholy. Also, they do a pretty killer version of Ultra Vivid Scene's "The Mercy Seat." In a better world, their songs would be heard on the airwaves; their songs are definitely of that quality. Europe gets it, why can't we? Ah, but that's an entirely different rant...

If you like wonderfully composed Britpop, or you simply like music that makes you feel like moping about or relaxing, then Songs to Sing in A & E will certainly provide you with both.

Listen To: "Smile"

You can also check out three other great songs on their Myspace page.

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