May 24, 2006

Nobody & Mystic Chords of Memory "Tree Colored See"

Wowie, this is such a great record! It's a collaboration between LA-based trippy hip-hop producer Nobody and San Francisco-based psych-popsters Mystic Chords of Memory, and though the collaboration might not seem that obvious, it takes all of about one listen to their debut Tree Colored See to realize that they've created a wonderfully magical record. When beats are added to the Mystic Chords' home-spun rootsy psych-country, the results are…spectacularly wonderful. Even more surprising is how natural the collaboration sounds. Chris Gunst's delicate singing voice takes on an extra strength with Nobody's accompaniment, and Nobody's vaguely psychedelic hip-hop style is made even more potent with Gunst and Cohen's assistance. Tree Colored See's sound runs from upbeat pop ("Feet Upon the Sand," "Softer Sail") to mellow grooves ("Decisions, Decisions"), with an occasional offbeat stop along the way ("Klaw Prints"). If this is the sound of new psychedelic rock, then I welcome it wholeheartedly.

Listen To: "Coyote's Song (When You Hear It Too)"

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