November 23, 2004

Southeast Engine "One Caught Fire"

Being nationally known for being a party town, there is no need to say that the beer flows like water in Athens, Ohio. Finally, Athens has a soundtrack to all that beer. Or at least something worthwhile to listen to while you’re drinking it. Southeast Engine’s songs about loves lost, smokin’ cigarettes, and being sad kind of make me sad. The songs are so well-written, and they’re arranged so’s really something. Southeast Engine falls somewhere between the sadder side of Spoon and the awesome song-craftiness of Wilco. The end of the year is approaching, and this is the first disc I’ve heard this year to really pull on my heartstrings. I’d like to see someone try to top this one. But first, let me make another beer run. I just drank my last six-pack.

--Kyle Sowash

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