November 29, 2004

Red Eyed Legends "Mutual Insignificance"

Red Eyed Legends--led by Chris Thomson (Monorchid, Skull Kontrol, Circus Lupus, Ignition)--return with a new (and better sounding) EP, this record finds the band honing their style. While their previous release was simply too messy (rumor has it the record was EQ'ed and mixed wrong) to make any impression, Mutual Insignificance finds Thomson in fine--and familiar--form. Quirky, off-key and highly intellectual lyrics pepper the funky rock and organ-driven grind of his backing band, and the sound is, as usual for a Thomson band, lo-fi as hell and oddly danceable, too. You either love Thomson's style or you don't, and I've been hooked for a long, long time.. "Go-Go Girls" and "Cold In The Sun" are easily his best compositions since his Monorchid days, and the other song--especially the fun "Guilded Longhorn"--are good, if not lesser. Skip The High I Feel When I'm Low completely and come here for your Red Eyed Legends/Chris Thomson needs. A belated start to a potentially great band--though, if Thomson's past is any indication, you better jump on this train now, because the band won't last much longer!

--Joseph Kyle

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