November 30, 2004

Joe Anderl "Purple Hearts and the Typesetter"

Upon hearing the first notes of Purple Hearts and the Typesetter, you’d think that you were going to be listening to that crazy rock and roll music that’s so popular with the kids these days. While it sounds great, I’m still kind of in a somber mood due to the last compact disc I listened to (see the Mundane Sounds review of Southeast Engine’s “One Caught Fire”). As if Joe Anderl could somehow tell I’m sad and drunk at this point, the album miraculously switches gears by the second track, a wistful number played on a banjo. Sticking primarily to this theme throughout the remainder of the album, I’m really wishing I had more beer… even though I am aware that, at this point, it’d probably be a bad idea. The album’s production shines just as much as the songs do. Great guitar work, awesome backing vocals, Rhodes piano in all the right places…it’s as if Joe Anderl has figured out how to produce a tear in my beer. It doesn’t get much better. Well, yes it would. If I weren’t out of beer right now, things would be better. At least, they would be right now. Tomorrow morning, however, is another story.

--Kyle Sowash

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