August 30, 2004

the clientele 'live at bush hall'

I'm always overjoyed to get a new record by the Clientele, and this two-song single is certainly no exception to the rule! This isn't new material in the sense that the songs are new, but the two tracks on here are live versions of two of their best numbers, recorded at Bush Hall on May 28, 2003--an ironic date considering the circumstances I discovered the Clientele, and even more ironic when you consider where I heard this 7", but that's another matter you should ask me about.

Aside from that, these two tracks are simply gorgeous--but you probably already knew they would be! The first track is their classic "Lacewings," and Alasdair Maclean sounds even more listless and detatched (and stoned) than he does on the studio version! The b-side, "Policeman Getting Lost," is a more recent number, taken from their debut album The Violet Hour, and it, too, is quite pleasant. Because they never come to Texas, this is the closest I've gotten to hearing one of my favorite bands live, and, personally, I'd love to hear more! A great seven inch. (A great debut single for a promising young label, too!)

--Joseph Kyle

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