August 27, 2004

bilge pump 'let me breathe'

Bilge Pump…

…are an English band. A trio, if you want to get technical.

…write a style of music that is at least 6-7 years past its prime.

…feature a guitarist that seems to enjoy playing pinch harmonics*.

…probably like The Jesus Lizard and/or Shellac.

…contribute absolutely nothing new to the abovementioned bands from
whom they so blatantly, unabashedly rip off.

…have released an album comprised of 17 songs that all sound exactly alike.

…need to hire a better graphic designer for their next CD.

…have made writing this review very trouble-free and I must thank them for that.

Thank you, Bilge Pump.

--Jonathan Pfeffer

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Artist Website:

*A little guitar lesson for you, folks: a pinch harmonic is a sound a guitar is able to produce when a string is plucked at a certain fret- preferably at a strong natural harmonic near your guitar’s pickup- which causes the guitar to produce a neat, little squealing sound.

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