August 31, 2004

Lovejoy "Strike a Pose"

Matinee Recordings stars Lovejoy step out from the Jimmy Tassos empire, and the results of this illicit affair is one very fine single indeed! Their album Who Wants To Be a Millionare was great, but the two tracks on here find the band maturing quite nicely. The A-side, an original by Lovejoy mastermind Richard Preece, is a great, upbeat pop dance number that reminds me of late 80s/early 90s-era Pet Shop Boys, in only the best of ways! The B-side, a cover of Television Personalites' "Someone To Share My Life With" is more jangle than it is beat, but it's still quite beautiful and touching in its simplicity--perfect for those forlorn mixtapes to crushes who just broke your heart, and as you wouldn't know it was the same band if it weren't for the fact that you've got the single in your hand, you could easily slip both songs on the same CD and they'd be none the wiser! Another great single by Unpopular Records!

--Joseph Kyle

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