September 27, 2003

Fort Lauderdale "The Chilling Place"

Now this is a fascinating glimpse into a new kind of sound. Fort Lauderdale mix up baroque pop, folk and electronica into an interesting pop combination, and it's a wonderful mix! "The Chilling Place" mixes up passionate vocals with saxophones and horns and strings and organ and it sounds as if it's a shambiotic mess, but yet it all makes sense and it sounds even better. Jarvis Cocker, be jealous. Now. "She's In Bloom" is a brief number that's more of a 60s British R&B rock style, but it's merely OK, and it suffers from a muted sound. "Incantation" is a cover of a song by electronica weirdo Bruce Haack. It's robotic and quite futuristic and enjoyable, too. Fort Lauderdale is someone you should definitely check out; this comes in advance of a full-length, which promises to be nothing if not interesting. You read about it here first, folks...

--Joseph Kyle

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