September 26, 2003

Brandston/Camber/Seven Storey "Split CD Single"

A CD-single with value and economy in mind! Legendary emo-rock label Deep Elm has changed over the past year or so, but these three bands really hint at what made the label great: loud, powerful rock music with more than a hint or two of all that 'emotional' stuff. It's a bit different, though; Brandston offer up a new song, "Dead Animals," that's a nice little maturation from their previous EP. Camber offer three songs, all of which are excellent, but I'm most fond of "I Could Not Care Less." though I also like the acoustic, kinda GBV-ish "Goodbye Mr. Spalding," too. Seven Storey offer up two songs, and while I'm neither unimpressed or overwhelmed by "New Day," I really like "Covers." Might like to hear more from them. All of these are radio-friendly rock, too--great for the CD changer, six pretty good songs by three bands for cheap...can't beat that!

--Joseph Kyle

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