July 01, 2004

marlboro chorus 'entangled'

Last year's Good Luck was a brief and impressive musical salvo for The Marlboro Chorus, a band that sprung forth from a scene located in the middle of absolutely nowhere (Davenport, Iowa). The blend of indie-rock and indiepop really surprised many people, and the praise that this (then) four-piece received was well deserved.
Though it might seem as if an EP follow-up would be too scrimpy, I'm happy to report that Entangled is a great little record.

Kicking off with the wonderfully-titled "Our Mother of Perpetual Helpdesk," The Marlboro Chorus show that they've still got plenty of ground to cover. The pop promises of Good Luck are certainly being fulfilled on this too-brief record, with lead singer B. Patrick seeming a bit snottier than usual. Making straight-up indiepop ("Song for L," "The Moondial") with an attitude that could kick the Strokes' ass, Marlboro Chorus can still whoop up some really great rock songs, such as "Hymn of the New Republic," "Entangled" and "Running Out." Though the record ends as quickly as it begins, this brief Marlboro is never a drag. Good stuff from a band whose best is yet to come.

--Joseph Kyle

Label Website: http://www.futureappletree.com

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