July 23, 2004

Boyjazz 'In The City Tonight"

You can't fool me, Mark Arm. I know you when I hear you, and every time I've listened to In The City Tonight, I hear you. It's so obvious, especially from the first note of "Potfinger." I know grunge isn't exactly the marketable quantity it once was, and considering how Mudhoney's name is kinda--well, you're a founding father, you know--I could understand why you would want to go incognito these days. That you've hired a young-looking guy and are going by the name Sexmouth now doesn't seem to be out of character for you, either--you've always been a bit of a clown. Besides, those pictures look fake, and come on, the birthdates listed for Sexmouth is 2053, so I think you're just joshing with us, man.

But the music--man, I gotta say, what you've done is so...FRESH! It's so boogie-woogie rock and rock, but yet it's got this futuristic rock feel to it. And yeah, it sounds a LOT like the 'honey, mister Mark. Especially that song "Gravity," man! That one blew me away--was this the seven-inch that Sub Pop didn't want us to hear? Was "Tuff Luv" an outtake from Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge? And what's with the newfound pop sweet-tooth on "No Doubt About It" and the rest of the record? That's what surprised me the most, man--but in a good way. You guys really did a good thing by coming back, even if it's in a different guise. I thought that last Mudhoney album was great, man, but In The City Tonight is like the best thing you've done since 1989!!

Ah well, welcome back, guys! My friend, she tried to tell me that you're not Mudhoney, but I know too many of her secrets, so I don't believe her. It's good to hear you guys sounding so fresh and so vital these days. Losing the grunge and going for fresh-sounding sounds? Best idea you've had since those Mudhoney football jerseys. I'd ask you when you're releasing a new record, but I like In The City Tonight, so this will do.

Joseph Kyle

PS. Where's Lukin?
PPS. Wanna hear a joke? Sure you do:
Q: What's going to keep Mark Arm housed in his middle age?
A: Hud Money.

Artist Website: http://www.boyjazz.com
Label Website: http://www.freneticrecords.com

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