July 13, 2004

David Cross "It's Not Funny"

Thirty-two short things about David Cross's It's Not Funny

David Cross is a funny man.
David Cross is a man I don't always agree with.
David Cross's routines can be hilarious.
David Cross knows no shame.
David Cross is oft compared to Bill Hicks
David Cross occasionally sounds like Bill Hicks.
David Cross makes light of 9/11.
David Cross's 9/11 jokes would have been funnier two years ago.
David Cross gives his sketches titles that do not reflect their content.
David Cross is great on Arrested Development.
David Cross's bit on the wealthy in America still makes me laugh.
David Cross is probably not going to vote Republican this year.
David Cross is probably going to vote this year.
David Cross probably doesn't vote in any other elections.
David Cross's sketches about George Bush will be dated in a few years.
David Cross should avoid this or else he'll be like Vaughn Meader.
David Cross is right on about Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton.
David Cross does make me laugh, even when I know he's wrong.
David Cross releases his records on Sub Pop, but his records are nowhere near as funny as Sebadoh.
David Cross is almost as funny as Jason Loewenstein, though.
David Cross could probably stand to be brought down a peg.
David Cross sure is self-righteous for such a wealthy and successful actor/comedian.
David Cross probably wants you to think he's 'working class.'
David Cross sure does swear a lot.
David Cross sure does not like Grady Little.
David Cross actually makes some really salient points.
David Cross is occasionally off the mark.
David Cross does not care what anyone thinks.
David Cross has released a frustratingly funny record.
David Cross makes me agree with the statement "I do not agree with what you say, but I will die defending your right to say it."
David Cross is probably not going to read this review.

--David Cross's It's Not Funny was reviewed by Joseph Kyle

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