July 26, 2004

LCD Soundsytem "Yeah"

There's a great deal of hype behind LCD Soundsystem, and every word of it is true, because they make AWESOME music. Though they've got an album looming in the not too distant future, earlier this year they released Yeah, a brilliant twelve-inch single featuring two mixes of "Yeah," titled the "Stupid Version" and the "Pretentious Mix." They are, of course, neither. That this single slipped through the cracks here (literally, as the label sent a CD version of it to the press, and this slipped behind my desk) at the mundane sounds office is my fault, but people, please, don't let that keep you from seeking out this record. The song is a throwback to the wonderful dancehall days of the 1980s, yet it sounds quite fresh and modern and not really retro at all. The "Stupid Version" contains the lyrics (with an addictive repetition of 'yeah yeah yeah' that will instantly win you over) and gets quite insane as it plays on, ending in a schitzophrenic cacophony of noise and beat by song's end. The "Pretentious Mix" is a mellowed-out instrumental version, quite sedate in its own way. LCD Soundsystem is a band that will soon be making big waves, I promise you. When the hype comes--and come it will--rest assured that somewhere someone got it RIGHT.

--Joseph Kyle

Label Website: http://www.dfarecords.com

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