July 21, 2004

Loud Clappers "At The Smash Party"

Gotta hand it to Loud Clappers; this East Coast band have a sound that instantly reminds me of the good old days of 'College Rock,' that pre-Alternative musical style that was so predominant back in the Eighties. They've got a solid rock and roll sensibility, yet aren't making straightforward rock. They're a bit mysterious, too, which places the focus straightly on the music, which I like, too. Their debut EP, the five-song At The Smash Party reminds me of downhome rock and roll made by college graduates, and/or a few great Ohio rock bands, most specifically, Guided by Voices, with a little bit of Death of Samantha and Cobra Verde thrown in for good measure, but they're not merely another lo-fi rock band. Nope, these guys have got some really great chops, as the tight guitars on the anthemic "Hiatus Coming" and the great "Digging for Sang." They also can give you some great early R.E.M/Athens-styled pop jangle, as heard on "Engine Driver." The only thing I'd work on would be the vocals, because the Bob Pollard thing just gets a bit heavy in places, but that's not something that will make you want to listen to something else. A good little debut, and I'm looking forward to hearing more by these guys.

--Joseph Kyle

Artist Website: http://www.loudclappers.com

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