March 25, 2004

John Wayne Shot Me! "Let Sleeping Monsters Sleep"

John Wayne Shot Me is a wonderfully fun little band from the Netherlands, and they mix pop with keyboards and a whole lot of that thing my grandpa used to call F.U.N. Yes, they've got a sense of humor, but they don't play the funny card because they've got no talent--they play it because they're REALLY GOOD. Anyway, Let Sleeping Monsters Sleep is the first single from their upcoming full-length album. The single "Let Sleeping Monsters Sleep" is a fresh blast of new-wave pop, not unlike the Rentals, and it's really good stuff! To make things fun, they recorded six covers, and these songs make the EP worth seeking out. These songs are actually quite diverse, from Jonathan Richman's "I'm A Little Dinosaur" and ELO's "Calling America" to Napalm Death's "Common Enemy" to the Carter Family's "There'll Be Joy Joy Joy" and Destiny Child's "Survivor." Best of the lot would be the very brief "Funeral Home" by Daniel Johnston. It's one of the better Daniel Johnston covers out there, too--even though it's barely a minute long! All in all Let Sleeping Monsters Sleep is a great little record. Look forward to that full length!

--Joseph Kyle

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