March 05, 2004

The Jigsaw Seen "We Women"

This quick, all-too brief single is a taster for The Jigsaw Seen's forthcoming album, and what a taste it is! While trippy Beatleseque retro-pop might be a cliche these days, these guys have been making music long before all these kids were out of junior high, and, really, these three songs are evidence enough for me to boast that they are better than all those bands combined! "We Women" is a really nice, upbeat tune, driven by eastern rhythms--a sitar here, tabla there, hand cymbals all around--and the lyrics sound like a long-lost outtake from Definitely Maybe, which is a good thing! "Loneliest Person" is a cover from a song off of Pretty Things' classic S.F. Sorrow, and what's amazing is that the guitar riff is a direct rip-off of Pink Floyd's "Wish You Were Here." The final track of the bunch is a live song, an acoustic little number called "Idiots With Guitars." All in all, this is an ear-perking curiosity-raising little release. Now let's hear that full-length!

--Joseph Kyle

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