March 31, 2004

Fire Divine "It's All A Blur"

Fire Divine is one of Deep Elm's latest signings, and from this brief little EP, there's plenty of reason to have some hope in their future. Considering the mellower sounds of some of their releases last year, Fire Divine sounds a bit more traditional rock. While It's All a Blur may be too short to make a good impression, I've got to say that there's plenty of promise in this young group. While their blend the loud screaming vocals with the soft, tender crooning might be a little too 'emo', it still works quite well. "Clark and Rightwood" and "Reputation Outlives Application" are good examples of this; the guitars are loud, the emotions are on the sleeve, and everything just clicks. Thankfully, they don't rely on this formula too much for the other two songs, and are willing to play around with what they're doing. I'm most fond of "We Ride on Sunbeams," because it just has that summertime vibe that I really like (note to joseph: well, DUH, the song's called "We Ride on Sunbeams!). When they do the harmonies--you can hear 'em in the background just a little on "Sunbeams"--it sounds good...and hopefully they'll do more of that on their upcoming full-length debut. "Smoke And Mirrors"--NOT the Magnetic Fields song--sounds like Cave In. (Lead singer Ian Musgrove sounds a bit like Stephen Brodsky, too.) That's a good thing. An overall promising debut from a young band--what's better than that? Nothing, my friends, nothing. (Just don't let's not get caught up in that heavy screaming/soft singing thing too much, okay?)

--Joseph Kyle

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