March 11, 2004

Aerospace "In A Place of Silver Eaves"

If Parasol get their way, then the airwaves will be overwhelmed by lush and lovely Nordic pop. To this end, they've rightfully given sanctuary to Aerospace. Their new mini-album, In a Place of Silver Eaves, is a wonderful slice of Swedish pop, which is inspired greatly by Sixties-era British Invasion pop, which is...well, you get the point. "December Slow" starts off with a shuffle of acoustic guitars that gives way to a gentle yet kinda sorta psych-pop instrumentation--all enhanced by a lovely Swedish-speaking singer singing in English voice--that accent makes the vocals so rich! Aerospace offer up six songs all cooked to this basic recipe, and I'm really fond of them all. I love "The Great Divide" and especially "Tenderness is the Plight of the Weakerthan," which has a really great synth line. Aerospace sound as rich and as classy as the suits worn by Merseybeat bands back in 1964, and that can't be beat! This is simply a smart record for smart people, and the smart lads at Parasol should be commended for bringing this to our attention!

--Joseph Kyle

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