March 29, 2004

Electrelane "On Parade"

Electrelane was 2001's answer to Broadcast, who were 1997's answer to Stereolab. I really don't why the hype around this band has grown, and based upon their new EP On Parade, it's not justified. This three-song single from this Scottish quartet find the band putting on the sheen for a 'hip' sound that's the collective sound of everything you've come to expect from these hip bands. "On Parade" is the big hit single, and I gotta admit it's got a nice sound. A danceable beat, some silly noises, and a detatched, artsy vocal that sounds like it was straight out of the UK indie scence circa 1994. "I'm On Fire" is a crunchy cover of the Springsteen cover, which doesn't sound as exciting as it does on paper. (The Planet The do a much better cover of this song, too.) The only real rocking number is "Teach the Sailor to Pray," the campy instrumental that's also the only song that doesn't have vocals or the farfisa--in other words, stripped of their gimmicks, they're okay. Let's hope the album is better, because this record is simply inconsequential.

--Joseph Kyle

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