August 22, 2003

Timonium "Until He Finds Us"

Timonium is slow.

No, that's not right. Slow implies that they don't move very fast, or that their intellectual abilities are less than able. While their previous works might have been labeled "slow-core," Until He Finds Us isn't exactly the slowstorm of Suspende Animation, though. Their music has actually picked up a quite nice little pace; while they will never be mistaken for The Minutemen, they won't be found guilty of making pace-is-glacial art-rock. They've discovered a nice little niche for their chilling, relaxing music.

Timonium is relaxed.

That's not right, either. Sure, they make music that might be called "mellow," but there's plenty of tension going on in their music. Take a listen to "Across the Footlights" or "Rememory Screen," and you'll realize that their music, while mellow SOUNDING, also resonates with some pretty serious tension. Okay, so it's not really 'tension,'' it's more of a contrast based on several factors (male/female vocals, loud/soft moments, fast/slow) as opposed to a "tension."

Timonium is serious.

That is a lie. If you've ever met Timonium leader Adam Hervey, you'll know right away that 'serious' is a relative term. While Timonium are a band who are quite professional and quite capable of making serious-sounding music, they are, in actuality, some of the funniest people you'll meet, which is a far cry from the anonymous, been-there done-that bands making 'music' today.

Timonium is just another anonymous art-rock band, like all the rest.

That is incorrect. While it is true that they enjoy art, and their music is "rock"-like, they are not anonymous. They are Adam, Adam, Tracy and James. Like all the rest? Hardly. Timonium is perhaps the most multi-culti band out there, representing different sets of beliefs, cultural ancestry and sexual orientations. You can't find a band anywhere out there today that represents such a cross-section of the world's population.

Until He Finds Us is a good album

That is a bit of a misnomer. It's not just a good album, it's a great album, and it differs as much from Resist Education as that album differed from their debut. They get better with each album, but it's a better that never negates their previous work, and that, my friends, is something that is all too rare. Though they're a band that takes their time whenever it comes to making and releasing music, it's certainly not for naught. Until He Finds Us is as fine an album as Timonium has ever delivered. Consistency of product is never to be shunned, and Until He Finds Us finds Timonium delivering on all the promises that they've ever given you. Isn't that awful nice of them?

--Joseph Kyle

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