August 21, 2003

Gameface "Four To Go"

YES!! These dudes ROCK!

For some people, that right there might be reason enough to never bother touching Four To Go. Some people are quite funny about things like that, and I'll never understand why people freak out about something so simple as rock. For other people, such a statement might send them rushing out to their local store or internet to check it out. Doesn't matter how it sounds, those people who like THE ROCK won't mind. This, Gameface's fourth album, is nothing more--or less--than a really tight band who know how to rock. There's none of that smelly bro-punk rock going on here, nor is there any of that whiny, annoying 'emo' musical poop, either. On the surface, there's nothing particularly innovative or different about Gameface; if you wanted a band that simply defined "rock music" in its most basic form, you couldn't find a better example than Gameface.

And I have no problem with that.

See, Gameface apparently have a unique, admirable rule that they adhere to: if a song they write cannot be replicated live, then they won't record it. That explains tons about the fact that Four To Go has a warm, immediate, live feeling. It's hella tight, too; songs like "When You've Had Enough" and "Give Me Something Real" simply ring loud and true when played upon the old car stereo. Luckily, they never are too 'rock' or too 'emo' or too 'punk' or too 'alternative.' Gameface never breaks any of Bob Seeger's rules, and have become the new classic rock in quick-time.

Four To Go is a fun record from a band who are meant to be seen live. Besides, wouldn't you wanna buy these guys a beer? Where's the fun in trying to be the most complicated band in music today? Why not be enjoyable? A pleasant record from a bunch of guys who simply like to get together and rock out. If you have a problem with music that's good yet not original, what does that say about you? Four To Go wins this year's "we don't need genius when we've got talent and the ability TO ROCK YOUR BODY as you roadtrip to Austin" award. A more enjoyable car-stereo record has yet to see the light of day this year.

--Joseph Kyle

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