August 21, 2003

Aerogramme "Livers & Lungs"

Sleep & Release, Aerogramme's second album, has been impressing critics left and right. Livers & Lungs contains two songs from the album, "Indiscretion #243" and "Inhilation Blues" (which is a bonus track on foreign editions of the album) as well as two previously unreleased numbers. "Indiscretion #243" is a pretty intense little rocker that reminds me a little bit of Blind Melon, truth be told. "Inhilation Blues" is a dour little number; it's pretty, but really nothing more than that. The two unreleased numbers, though, are the real goodies. Both songs were recorded on tour, in hotel rooms, backstage, and in the tour van (!!) via a laptop computer plus other recording goodies. Even more amazing about that is the fact that they're both orchestrated (!!) and they sound utterly symphonic (!!!), leaving you to scratch your head in amazement at how grand these songs are. "Asthma Came Home For Christmas" is a beautiful number, similar in style to Grandaddy, and the final track is "Thriller." Yes, it's that "Thriller." Yes, it's Wacko Jacko's "Thriller." What the song lacks in rhythm it makes up for in intensity; it's a very slow version, and it's utterly ominous--thanks in part to that fake orchestra. This is a fun little release, and if you've not checked out Aerogramme, this little single should serve as incentive.

--Joseph Kyle

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