August 07, 2003

Camera Obscura "Teenager"

Wow!!! Camera Obscura return with this little teaser from their second album, Underachievers Please Try Harder. Their debut album was one of our favorites, and this little single really hints that, hey, the magic of Camera Obscura might not have even been close to developed on Biggest Bluest Hi-Fi! The lead song, "Teenager" is a wonderful little nugget of acoustic pop, and Tracyanne Campbell really has never sounded so charming and sweet! "I Don't Want To See You" is a quiet piano-led ballad and "Footloose and Fancy Free" is a wonderful country number sung by John Henderson. All three of these songs, though small and slight in sound, are all wonderfully well-developed numbers that are much more mature than their debut album. Looking forward to hearing that full length! Note: the album will be released by Merge Records in January (too long!) in the US, and rumors abound as to whether or not these songs will be on the American version. (They are--editor)

--Joseph Kyle

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