August 09, 2003

Airport Girl "Do You Dream in Colour?"

I'm almost starting to resent Matinee Recordings' constant high-quality singles, because I know I'm gonna say the same things I've said before, and Airport Girl's EP, Do You Dream In Colour?, continues the trend of wonderful reviews. The title track is an orchestrated ballad with sad violin and a melody based on Pachelbel's "Canon in D," but its slightly sad nature is quickly overwhelmed by "When You Fall," a rousing blast of early 90's trumpet-led Britpop. "Easier to Smile" is a wonderful blast of sing-along jingle-jangle pop and features Jimmy Tassos on bongos! Closer "Been Waiting" is a drifting ballad complete with wonderfully sad harmonica. If you fell in love with their debut album Honey I'm An Artist, then this EP will certainly tease you for their forthcoming album.

--Joseph Kyle

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