August 14, 2006

Robin Guthrie "Everlasting EP"

If Robin Guthrie’s Continental was one of this year’s best full-lengths, then Everlasting, is easily one of this year’s best EP’s. Okay, come on, this isn’t even something that’s open to debate! For those of us old enough to remember, The Cocteau Twins mastered the art of making brilliant EP’s; these three-and-four song releases contained some of the band's greatest work. Lullabies to Violane is a nice collection, but for those of us around in the 1980s, you’ll remember how wonderful it was listening to a Cocteau Twins EP. Sure, it might be a brief experience, but they never failed to deliver quality music; heck, Tiny Dynamine and Echoes in a Shallow Bay EP’s were considered to be of such high quality, 4ad put them together and made an album! (Personally, my favorite EP of theirs was Love’s Easy Tears.)

There’s no reason to expect any less from Everlasting. Of course, these four songs don’t fall too far from the Continental tree, as they highlight Guthrie’s natural ability to make a guitar glisten and shine like the morning dew. There’s not really that much one can say about Everlasting; it is merely a wonderfully gentle postcard from the bliss-pop Heaven Guthrie creates whenever he presses ‘record’, and, more importantly, it’s a welcome return to the format Guthrie mastered 20 years ago. Hopefully, there will be more EP’s forthcoming. Score another wonderful release for Darla Records!

Listen To: Bordertown

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Chris Yonker said...

You don't have to be a geezer from the 80s to enjoy the Cocteu Twins, matey.