August 08, 2006

The Brother Kite Hits Like an Atom Bomb!

Back in the day--aka 1998--Tripping Daisy released an amazingly mellow and utterly beautiful album, Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb. It's a brilliant record that was sadly lost in the shuffle of a changing music industry, a fickle music scene, and an unsympathetic record label. It's a beautiful record, one that still amazes me with each and every listen. Okay, okay, I'm not here to rant about Tripping Daisy.

I never expected a band to come along and release a record that was both just like yet better than Atom Bomb, but it's happened. It's the new album by The Brother Kite, entitled Waiting For the Time to Be Right. It's an amazing record that's hazy and sunny and catchy and moving and beautiful, and it draws you in and makes you love it. There's also a total Beach Boys influence to be found, too, but don't hold that against 'em. I'm DEFINITELY going to rant more about this record in the very near future. For now, check out three of the AWESOME songs from this twelve-track wonder.

Waiting For The Time To Be Right
Get On, Me
I'm Not the Only One

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