November 15, 2003

Year Future

Wow! This is a four-track debut from an LA-based 'supergroup' of folks you've never heard of who have been in bands such as Dead and Gone, The Pattern, Angel Hair, VSS and The Fucking Angels, and it sounds exactly like you'd expect. It's loud, funky punk art-rock, at times more punk, at times more rock, but all in all a healthy dose. Lots of screaming on all songs, especially on "Each Others Futures" and "All Of Your Eggs," but it sounds good, believe me. It's that mixture of Joy Division and PiL and Dead Kennedys and Birthday Party that seems to be popular these days. They get really arty with sound effects on "Some Bodies" which is the standout track of the lot, but all of these songs are really strong in that loud and screaming kind of way. When they get it together and get a little more focused, I bet their debut album will be one helluva affair.

--Joseph Kyle

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