November 07, 2003

Duvall "Racine"

Well, this is a pleasant little single--if not a little bit spooky. Not that it's haunting, mind you, but it's amazing to hear how much Duvall sounds like Duvall leader Josh Caterer's old band, Smoking Popes. Of course, you should expect it, because Josh's voice is extremely unique, and with his brother Eli at his side, it's hard not to make comparisons. No matter what name he may use, it's really good to have Caterer back in action, and the three songs on here are all wonderful. "Racine" is the lead single from Duvall's upcoming full length debut, Volume & Density. It's a wonderful blast of pop that picks up where Destination: Failure left off. The same can be said with their cover of Spandau Ballet's "True." Though he changes the lyrics slightly--I think that the second verse is taken from a Smoking Popes song--and it's also pretty nice, too. "Time Is Gone" is a demo of an older tune, and while pretty, doesn't stand up next to the two very well.This is most definitely whetting my appetite for that full length album, and it shows that Caterer's still one of the best of the best in the pop-rock arena.

--Joseph Kyle

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