April 14, 2003

La Pieta "Summer"

When you think of summer, you think of hot days and cool nights, blue skies and windy days on the beach. Well, La Pieta, a New York three-piece, certainly have the right combination for a nice summer day. This little record has the nice indie-pop guitar strum that makes you think of the beach. The boy-girl vocal interplay is the wind on the beach, and the la-la-la's certainly help think.

The only flaw, though, is that La Pieta are occasionally awkward in their presentation. While this isn't a problem throughout Summer, it does pop up on "April Is." The vocal interplay between the two singers could be stronger, but it's easy to forgive, as this is but a debut record. Of course, their vibe is totally Unrest, and while I don't think they're guilty of totally trying to steal Mark Robinson's good ideas, I can pretty safely assume they own a copy of B.P.M. or Perfect Teeth. It's okay, though; I'd rather hear a band that's inspired by Unrest than ten bands that are inspired by Belle & Sebastian.

La Pieta are a band who probably play a fun live show, and are probably stronger now than they were when they entered the studio to record this. I really like "Who Knows What She's Thinking" and "Sound Machine," and I'm gonna safely bet my money on future records. Summer is the sound of a band with potential, and time and live shows and such have probably improved things for these younguns--the recordings are from 2001, so I'm eager to hear what they're up to now.

--Joseph Kyle

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